Hello Friends,

Welcome to Bahrain Craft Store, I’m glad you’re here!

I am Sheetal, a crazy passionate soul about handmade and creative stuffs. Wife to a wonderful man and stay at home mommy of two sweet little daughters. As any creative person I have lots of hobbies, lots of ideas and passion to share it with the world gracefully! šŸ™‚

Why isĀ Bahrain Craft StoreĀ unique?

The short and to the point answer is- it’s CURATED!

All the items here are carefully curated by me, its not a business, its my PASSION! I love crochet / knitting, and I want to spread that love.

As a crocheter and knitter, I understand the excitement to start that project you want to make for yourself or to your loved ones. Usually the journey goes in this direction- You have an idea to make something; you start searching for the pattern resembling to your idea which is a tedious process as there are so many low quality or wrong patterns floating on this internet world. After lots of search you find a pattern but you can’t be sure whether its written in easy to understand language or no.Ā  Then you have to check the materials required for that pattern, going to shop or buying online can take some days.Ā Again you will loose lots of time in understanding pattern, working, frogging and reworking on same thing again and again. So we loose interest in that project and one beautiful project remains undone. By the end the chances of that This all I don’t want you to waste your time and energy on search for the stuffs required, so I am trying to bring all required things under one roof maintaining the quality.

What is available In Bahrain Craft Store?

The things which take your craft as well as crafting experience to whole new level. In Bahrain Craft Store you can get-

Then, if you are looking for easy to follow patterns, I have covered you too! You can check my own designed PATTERNS HERE! These are beautifully composed, instant downloadable patterns in pdf format consists of easy to follow step-by-step description along with photos for all skill levels.

Recently I have launched a new stream to Bahrain Craft Store and added hand made Baby Bootees section. These are hand made cute baby bootees available in Gorgeous designs andĀ Vibrant colors for newborn to 12 months old baby.

But wait, that’s not all, I am in process of building the Kits Library, which will contain all theĀ required materials and a very detailed instruction card, showing easy to follow step-by-step description along with photos for both experts and beginners.

Both the kits and Baby Bootees can be the best gifts to your loved ones or to yourself!

I hope you will find everything in Bahrain Craft Store as a crocheter or knitter, if you have any suggestion kindly let me know- sheetal@bahraincraftstore.com